[Feb 16, 2024]


Jamie TK's 'Oceanside' which contains the vocal samples from antennasia's 'Mannequin' has been released.

[Aug 30, 2023]


antennasia’s 'Gone Angels' has been added to the playlist 'Indie Pop & Rock Selection' curated by La Maison Des Disques.

[Aug 23, 2023]


The radio show curated by Masato Takahashi (Radio Freedom), 'Cultural Sound Stream #120 & Seisho Strange Relationship #20 & THCrecommend Antennasia' has been added to Mixcloud. Enjoy his interview with san & Nerve.

[Aug 22, 2023]


antennasia’s 'Upon My Pillow’ and 'Gone Angels' have been added to the shuffle playlist 'Sunrise Coffee' playing from Monday to Sunday at 07h00-10h00 (CEST) on Radio3S. Radio 3S (Radio SolarSoundSystem), is the official SolarSoundSystem web-radio, 100% solar powered (via Horus, based in Switzerland).

[Aug 17, 2023]


'Upon My Pillow' from "Warped Lucky" is included to 'INDIE NOW', the Spotify playlist curated by Sound and Vision.

[Aug 17, 2023]


'Upon My Pillow' from "Warped Lucky" is included to 'Groover Discoveries', the playlist curated by Gabriele Arfa Carone.

[Aug 16, 2023]

Two  antennasia tracks from "Warped Lucky" are included to 'Trip Hop &' a mix curated by Masato Takahashi. 

[Aug 14, 2023]

'Gone Angels' has been added to 'Eclectic Electronic', the playlist curated by Tunebubble.

[Aug 13, 2023]

'Upon My Pillow' has been added to 'ADSR Selects - Electronic’, the playlist curated by ADSR Collective.

[Aug 12, 2023]

HomeCooking Share, a French music creation sharing site shares the video of "Upon My Pillow".





[Aug 11, 2023]

A music blog in Italy 'Siloud_blog' posts a review about the track 'Upon My Pillow' from the new album 'Warped Lucky'.




[Aug 4, 2023]

8/4リリースのCellzcellarのシングル"Womb Beach"に、sanがフィーチャリング・ボーカルとして参加しています。


[Aug 3, 2023]
知名度に関わらず、優れた日本のミュージシャンにスポットを当て、紹介する音楽番組「MUSIC SHARE」の8月度のプレイリストにantennasia "Warped Lucky"の楽曲が収録されました。


[July 28, 2023]

The review of antennasia "Warped Lucky" on DJ Mag (Aug 2023 issue)

'While it’s a crying shame that antennasia aren’t better known outside their native Japan, we suspect Everything But The Girl are secretly glad about the fact.

After all, probably not so many people would have got quite so excited about Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt’s first joint album in 24 years if they’d known that during the same period the duo of vocalist san and producer Nerve had put out seven albums that mirrored in style and matched in quality the bittersweet soul and downtempo beats of mid-‘90s Everything But The Girl.

Eighth album ‘Warped Lucky’ should hopefully be

the one that gets them the international attention they deserve, with the emotive vocals and sophisticated production in songs such as ‘Humming On The Moon’ and ‘Gone Angels’ showcasing exactly what most of us have been missing out on for years.' PAUL CLARKE

[Aug 13, 2021]

A private live video "Live the Lodge" uploaded on YouTube.

[Aug 10, 2021]

"23 Bluebird St., Velo-City [2021 Remaster]" appears on NEW & NOTABLE of Bandcamp on Aug. 10.