05.Crimson Soda

06.Golden Gate Switch

07.Endless Precious Bad Beat

08.G.E.D.F. (N.T.G.)


10.Jam S. Pendelton


Released by: Double Life Records

Catalogue number: DLRA-0006


"Alter-Egoist" is a challanging and adventurous album by antennasia, electronica/dub/bass music group from Japan. The gigantic moray-eel in the universe appeared on the cover art (designed by La Mano Fria - a key person of modern vaporwave) should catch your eyes first.

Unlikely their former albums, vocalist san has composed, arraned and programmed most songs on this album instead of a trackmaker Nerve. Each songs reflect her imagination that is free, wild and sometimes even sacred, and there exist together conflicting elements such as chaos / cosmos, stillness / motion, light / darkness, experimental / pop with sprinkled sounds - layered vocals, electric noises, fragments of folk instruments and many languages etc.. You will never be dissapointed if you are a long-time antennasia fan, but this time, more close to the bass music, also the irreversible structure is seen in most compositions. The album includes a dub symphony "Crimson Soda", playful "134340" about the demotion of Pluto from 'planet', a serene ambient "Pandora", an industrial electronic track "-2000 degrees centigrade", a theatrical suite "Jam S. Pendelton", reconstructed broken-step "Golden Gate Switch", "oo0oo" that floats between orderliness and confusion, "Endless Precioud Bad Beat" ambient on a nervously twisted beat, "Cube" a new style of antennasian dub, "G.E.D.F. (n.t.g.)" an updated version of the title track of the EP released from Mezé Music in Detroit. "Alter-Egoist" is a new chapter of antennasia. Have a trip to a micro cosmos led by a galaxy moray-eel.