Dragonfly EP (2014)

01. GEDF (original mix)
02. Ms Zirkus (original mix)
03. Spiral Sequence (original mix)
04. GEDF (instrumental mix)
05. Ms Zirkus (instrumental mix)
06. Spiral Sequence (instrumental mix)

Released by: meze-music

Catalogue number: Meze 10

Japanese trip hop duo Antennasia make their Meze label debut on the imprint’s 10th release. The complex, haunting presence of Nerve’s production is present on all three of the EP’s tracks. The secret to Anntenasia’s continued success is the potent combination of Nerve’s production style in concert with San’s enchanting vocal styles, which is perfectly exhibited on “G.E.D.F.” “Ms. Zirkus" is a broken beat symphony of vocal work and uptempo grooves that meld into the equivalent of an auditory dream. “Spiral Sequence” is a track that could find itself comfortably on the soundtrack to an old foreign film, light and flighty, both in production and vocals, yet grounded in realistic clarity.