Re : Qus-cus (2012)

01. Passion Show (Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix)

02. Metronome Wiper (Embee Remix)

03. Gynoid (D-Fried Remix)

04. noanoa (Plastic Echo Remix)


Released by: Double Life Records

Catalogue number: DLCA-0003


The EP includes 4 remixes of antennasia songs from their latest album "Qus-cus". All the tracks have been re-built and painted colorfully with daring and delicate touches by each remixers; Toshiyuki Yasuda (MEGADOLLY), Embee (Looptroop Rockers / Sweden), D-Fried (One of Jordi Saludes's projects / Spain) and a Tokyo based beat maker, Plastic Echo (opuesto).