antennasia / Warped Lucky

Out now

Format: Digital, CD

Labels: Tabula Rasa Records (Digital distribution), 

Double Life Records (CD distribution in Japan)


Catalog number: TR124 (Tabula Rasa Records),

DLCA-011 (Double Life Records)



01 Gone Angels (4:16)

02 Upon My Pillow (3:00)

03 Humming on the Moon (4:02)

04 Kingyo wo Sukui, Anata wo Sukui (5:23)

05 Doppelstrom (2:26)

06 Suna no Shiro (3:36)

07 Winter Sleeper (5:07)

08 The March for the Horizon (5:44)

09 Feeling Like a River (5:20)


All music written, performed, produced by antennasia

Mixed and mastered by Nerve

Artwork by antennasia