01. Papier-Mâché

02. Goodbye to the World

03. CR-61

04. Wandering Wondering

05. The Feedback Noise


DLCA-0008 / Double Life Records


all songs written by san & nerve

produced by antennasia

mastered by Nerve

cover photo and designed by san



stay homeしている時期に制作された作品をまとめたミニ・アルバム。




This 5 track EP is a compilation of work composed/produced during the period when they had to “stay home” in Spring 2020.

This is a retro and also futuristic album that combines 80's synth-pop influences and antennasia’s musicality.

A new transit point for antennasia, which is pop, dark and a little bit avant-garde, while addressing the fragility of the human world.